We help organisations succeed with the help of great leadership and agile ways of working.



Our mission is to help you succeed

We will be happy when you have improved, when you have reached your targets or you have eached new heights and you thereby can celebrate your success.

Our aim is to help you improve and learn agile ways of working so that you can do this independently.

When it comes to success we believe that:
  • Motivated and engaged people are the key to success
  • There is always a better way of working than the current one
  • To improve you need to be part of the actual work
  • Remember to celebrate also the small victories
Andreas Björk

Agile Coach, Trainer, Speaker, Leadership and Organization Design and founder of rePWER

My passion is to help organisations succeed. I believe that the common thing for successful organisations is that they have clear goals, leadership that enables teams to deliver value and have an agile way of working.

The reason for founding rePWER is about sharing the knowledge I have gained during past 15 years in agile organisations and ways of working.


Our Services


Agile way of working, where you embrace the agile values and principles, can help your organisation reach new levels. We help you improve your organisations capabilities to succeed with goals and vision. Cross-functional teams, continuous improvement and getting people to feel great are examples of positive outcomes of Agile. Improved customer satisfaction, increased quality, better lead times are other examples of where Agile way of working can boost your organisation.

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Agile Leadership

The full benefit of Agile is achieved when the whole organisation embraces Agile values and principles. To reach this way of working within the whole organisation leadership needs to be changed. Management groups and middle-management needs to change their way of leading the organisation. Understanding of autonomous teams, cross-functional teams and alignment is important. We are ready to support you in your transformation!


We do trainings to help your organisation get ongoing with Agile or to rePWER your current level. Example of tranings:

  • Agile introduction
  • Remote working with Agile
  • Agile leadership (in a remote environment)
  • Scrum or Kanban frameworks

Agile Myth buster

Agile is only for IT organisations

No! Agile values, principles and mindset are applicable for all organisations. Agile can be used in any organisation that wants to improve their capability to deliver value, needs to solve complex problems or that wants to make their employees or customers feel fantastic.

Managers do not have a role in Agile

This misunderstanding often comes from that Scrum only has three roles: Product Owner, ScrumMaster and Team. Managers still have a role in an Agile organisation, but the role of the manager changes. The manager focuses on creating the best possible environment for the team to deliver value. The manager is not there to tell the team what they should be doing and when.

Agile means that you do not have plans

Actually, it is the opposite. With an agile way of working you will plan daily (Daily scrum), weekly (e.g. Sprint planning), monthly (e.g. Release plan) and yearly (Vision, targets and roadmap). However, you are ready to change and update your plans when changes occur.

In Agile teams everybody is expert on everything

The combined knowledge of a cross-functional team means that the team members are experts in all areas they need to build their products. This does not mean that each team member needs to be an expert in every area.

Agile == Scrum

There is often a misunderstanding that to be Agile you need to use Scrum. That is not correct. You can be Agile without using any Agile framework. Agile is about the culture, values and principles in your organisation.

Agile means you can do whatever you want

Big NO! In an Agile organisation you have defined responsibilities and mandates. However, you will give the different roles the mandate they need to do their work.

We do Agile so we do not need documentation

Busted! When documentation adds value then you will produce documentation. Honestly, Agile will most likely mean that you produce less documentation as a lot of documentation that is produced will not add value. In a software development world, it is probably not useful to document how the code works as separate documentation. A more efficient way to document the code is to write clean code that has comments that describes what it should do.

Agile means faster

It can mean faster. You need to understand that faster comes from that you start focusing on early delivery and quality. It does not mean that you run your engine on 110% capacity to become faster. You work smarter!

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